What to Know About Your Coolsculpting Treatment


Any adult with a stubborn fat bulge is a candidate for Coolsculpting! Coolsculpting is an effective non-surgical method for removing or reducing subcutaneous fat. It probably comes as no secret that some areas of fat are harder to get rid of than others. For women, these areas include the chin, lower abdomen, flanks, and thighs. In men, these areas include the flanks and chin. There is no surgical or nonsurgical treatment for visceral or internal fat.


Coolsculpting is not appropriate for all types of fatty conditions. One of the most important steps in your evaluation is determining whether you might be a better candidate for liposuction or surgical excision such as an abdominoplasty. The ideal candidate is a person with an isolated fat bulge, with minimal skin excess or over-hang, and without a lot of stretch marks. Large areas of fat might benefit more from liposuction. Patients with a lot of skin excess will benefit more from a surgical excision.


Your consultation will be with one of our cosmetic registered nurses. We make a conscious effort to not make you self conscious as you undress to show us your body.


We make every effort to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. Because you can expect to spend about an hour with us, we have made the Coolsculpting Room as COOL as possible. We have equipped it with a spa bed, large screen TV equipped with YouTube and Netflix. Or if you simply want to close your eyes and relax, you can choose your own music from Alexa Amazon Music.


When you arrive for your treatment, your nurse will take your pictures and weigh you in order for us to compare your progress over the 3 month treatment period. Just for the record, Coolsculpting might be effective in reducing fat bulges, but you will not lose much in terms of weight.

The nurse will draw out the areas to be treated in order to precisely define the treatment plan and the areas that you want to improve.

The nurse will then thoroughly clean the area. Afterwords, she will apply a gel applicator pad over the treatment area. She will apply the applicator to the machine. She will hit the start button and the treatment will begin.


Coolsculpting is cold… really cold. You will feel the applicator pull your skin into the device, beginning the process of cooling down your skin. The sensation is similar to an ice pack placed over your skin.

Eventually the area will feel numb. Most patients tell us that the procedure is NOT painful.


Your coolsculpting will take about 30 minutes per area. Because we have invested in 2 devices, we are one of the only treatment centers in Northern Virginia that can treat 2 areas at a time, we can treat 2 areas in 30 minutes. We really want you to get out of the office and back to your life.

To make your time with us comfortable, we have made your treatment room as comfortable as possible, equipped with a large screen TV so that you can take your mind off of coolsculpting machine sucking on your fat. No kids, no husband, no chores, just quiet… Or watch TV, listen to a your Alexa music playlist, or read a book. Your choice.


A bell will signal the end of your procedure. The handpiece will be removed. The treatment area will appear red and irritated. How do your hand look when you play in the snow?

The nurse will begin massaging the area. This part is slightly uncomfortable. How do your hands feel after you come in from playing with the snow without gloves?

She will vigorously massage the area to break up any crystallized fat. The massaging process helps break up the crystalized fat cells and increases the effect of the treatment by 68%!! Isn’t that amazing?

While some patients will see results after only a month, most patients will need about 2-3 months. We will set up a follow-up appointment for 12 weeks later. We will ALWAYS be happy to see or talk to you prior to our standard appointment schedule.

At your follow-up, we will take your after-photos and weigh you. These are taken to show you your amazing transformation. 80% of patients are so thrilled, they will go on to have a DIFFERENT area treated.

The area will be swollen for a few days to a week.

The frozen fat cells will slowly begin to be broken down by the body and metabolized through your liver little by liver over time,

Bruising is NORMAL for a few days.

The area will feel numb and tingle for a few weeks after the treatment. Let the tingling remind you of how much better it was going to look in a few short weeks!

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