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Bottoms come in all shapes and sizes: small, big, flat, and perky. And, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have popularized the beauty of a curvaceous behind. Like Megan Trainor, they’ve discovered that it really is all about that bass.

Butt augmentations – also known as a Brazilian Butt Lifts and Sculptra Butt Lifts – can help women achieve their most attractive bottoms. But what makes a bottom truly beautiful? Believe it or not, it comes down to the science of proportions. So, a quality plastic surgeon is not only an artist but also a mathematician. In Dr. Chang at Aesthetica, you find both.

Attractive Bottoms: It’s a Scientific Art!

Have you ever wondered how a beautiful butt is determined? It’s all about math. And it’s really just a simple ratio between the waist and the hips. Amazingly, scientists have determined that a hip to waist ratio of 0.7 makes a perfect sized-butt. 

Although the perfect ratio can vary between centuries and cultures, a researcher named Devendra Singh discovered this 0.7 ratio by calculating the waist-to-hip ratio of the Miss America pageant winners from 1920 into the 1980s. All winners roughly had a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7. And, further corroborating his findings, beauty icons like Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, and Twiggy have all had a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7.

To learn more about the science behind attractive bottoms, check out this article published by the University of Regensburg.

In addition to the waist to hip ratio, your skeletal structure also factors into the ideal butt shape. Because the skeleton provides the framework for a body’s overall shape, the shape of your bum will, therefore, be determined by the distribution of muscle and fat that lies on top of the skeleton.

Butt Lift Consult: The Perfect Bottom for You

Before undergoing a butt lift, you should determine early what the right size and shape is for your particular body. Cosmetic surgeons use the waist to hip ratio when consulting you on your ideal butt size. When you set up a consultation with Aesthetica, our staff will help you achieve your ideal that also complements your waist and breast size.

Keep reading to learn more about different butt shapes and procedure options!

Brazilian Butt Augmentation

Attractive Bottom Shapes: What You Have and What You Want

Now that you know which ratio to pursue, it’s time to figure out what buttock shape you want.

Despite popular belief, doing a load of squats will not give shape to your butt. Your glute muscles don’t change your bottom’s shape. The right exercises can cause your glutes to develop, which firms the butt but doesn’t change the shape.

Your bottom’s shape is determined by factors such as age, cellulite, core muscle tone, and lifestyle choices. There are four main shapes that cosmetic surgeons have identified:

  • Square (H shape)
  • Round (C and O shape)
  • Heart/Pear (A shape)
  • Inverted (V shape)

Knowing which category you currently fall into and which one you want to be in can help you tremendously when speaking with your surgeon. The surgeon can recommend a technique to help you get your desired derriere.

If you’re not sure which bottom shape you have, here’s what each looks like:

Doing a load of squats will not give shape to your butt. Your glute muscles don’t change your bottom’s shape. The right exercises can cause your glutes to develop, which firms the butt but doesn’t change the shape.

Square Bottom (H Shape)

If you have a square shaped butt, you have may have higher and prominent hip bones. You may also have love handles because they way fat is distributed throughout your body. This gives you a square-shaped look because it appears that your butt is straight up-and-down below the waist rather than tapering to the waist to create a smooth curve.

Round Bottom (C or O Shape)

The round shape is also known the “bubble butt” because of its round appearance. If you have a round butt, your body distributes its fat mainly in the butt cheeks, including the upper part. This causes the rounded effect when looking at the bottom from behind. This shape sits high if you view it from the side and typically will be perky and full.

Heart or Pear Bottom (A Shape)

The Heart or pear shape is characterized by fat distributed in the lower portion of the butt and thighs. As a result, you have a more tapered look starting from the waistline to the bottom of the butt.

Inverted Bottom (V Shape)

Typically, older women have bottoms characterized by the inverted shape. As you age, your estrogen levels will decrease. As a result, your fat will begin to store in the abdomen and midsection rather than your butt. In an inverted shape, the base of the butt will be less full than the top of the butt.

Before and after Butt Augmentation

Which Butt Lift is Right for You?

Brazilian Butt Lift Candidates

The Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that takes your own fat to create a more shapely and rounder buttocks. Because it uses your own fat cells, the ideal Brazilian butt lift candidate must have adequate fat in certain areas for the removal, grafting, and transfer process that will be measured by the surgeon. If your body weight is too low or you have insufficient fat to remove for the transfer then you wouldn’t be the right candidate at that time.

Sculptra Butt Lift Candidates

The Sculptra 15 Minute Butt Lift is a great option if you don’t carry enough body fat for the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Sculptra is an FDA approved injectable filler that creates plumpness by stimulating your body’s collagen. It’s more commonly used in the face, but more plastic surgeons like Dr. Chang at Aesthetica are using it for butt lifts as well. This is also a great option if surgery makes you a little queasy.

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