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How Has Aging Affected You?
Facial Aging Targeted To Your Needs

When a person is referred to as having a baby face, it is implied that they have a round face that is full of baby fat and soft smooth skin.  In contrast, older faces lose the baby fat, lose facial collagen and begin to sag, while sun exposure damages the cellular DNA to cause abnormal pigmentation, fine lines, and sun-spots.  Fortunately, there are some treatment options that can help you look more youthful.  

You face will lose fat volume beginning as early as your mid to late twenties.  The loss of fat volume is most evident under the eyes over your cheeks giving you the appearance of having dark eye circles as it exposes the orbital bone.  Other areas include the temples, jowls, nasolabial fold, and around the mouth.  


Volume replacement using one a variety of facial fillers or fat transfer can help you restore the appearance of youth immediately and with little to no down-time              

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Tissue begins to sag as your collagen begins to break down.  Just as importantly, the skin around the brow, cheeks, and jowls begin to sag as you lose more facial volume.  


Treatment begins with volume replacement up to the point where you still appear natural.  Natural is the most important element of facial cosmetic surgery.  If the tissue is still loose and sagging, then you might benefit from a surgical lift 

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Tissue will naturally wear down with time and age.  This process is accelerated by UV exposure from the sun as well as other environmental pollutants such as smoking.  The tissue collagen will break down and become more disorganized.  The affect on your skin can be see as  sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and skin cancers. 


Fortunately, there are many effective options to reverse or treat some of the effects of age and pollutants on your skin.  These include laser devices that can rejuvenate your cellular DNA, remove sun spots and spider veins, as well as smooth out the texture, fine lines, and enlarged pores.  

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Dynamic lines and wrinkles are caused by hyperactive facial muscles acting on loose skin with broken down collagen.  Affected areas include the forehead, glabellar ( vertical lines between the brows ), and crow’s feet lines.  There are other lines but these are the worst culprits.


Botox is the mainstay for the treatment of dynamic facial lines.  Botox is a medication with the ability to stop targeted muscles from working.  Botox is one of the safest and best tested drugs on the market.  Bad results are usually due to the injector and rarely due to the medication.  

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