Gabrialla Women’s Breathable Abdominal and Back Support Binder


Breathable Abdominal Support Binder
Recommended as an effective Post-Partum and Post-Surgical Support Binder. Enjoy optimal abdominal support with this lightweight Gabrialla Breathable Elastic Abdominal Binder. Ideal after abdominal surgeries to provide comforting support and relief to the abdominal region and promote active healing, or turn to this abdominal binder to provide pressure against abdominal hernia while you await surgery. Abdominal supports are also popular among new mothers following a C-section or who recently gave birth and want help to return to pre-pregnancy shape faster.

About the Product

✔️ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – By healthcare professionals as a light abdominal support for a variety of ailments including pain management and post-surgical or postpartum usage as well as physically demanding activities such as heavy lifting or sitting for prolonged periods of time.
✔️ VERSATILE AND BREATHABLE – Specifically designed to provide excellent support, warmth and comfort, while massaging muscles and reducing pressure from the lower back.
✔️ REDUCES PAIN – By providing evenly distributed pressure to the abdomen, waist and lower back and comfortable for everyday wear.
✔️ INNOVATIVE DESIGN – Made with highly breathable elastic and a soft cotton lining and designed with hook and loop closures for better fit and easy adjustment.
✔️ MADE IN THE USA – Our binders are made with the highest quality materials for superior support.