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Will Working Out More Help Me Get the Boobs of My Dreams?

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Are Men Actually Doing Something Right??

Many men choose to focus their workout regime to target their pectoral muscles. Think of guys like Dwane “The Rock” Johnson and other massively shredded guys, who seem to make it a life goal to make their man boobs so large that they can be puppetted!

Seems like all this knowledge is wasted on the masculine gender, and women are actually the ones who are dying to figure out to stop the effects of time and gravity on the “ladies.” So many factors affect the perkiness (or lack there of) of a woman’s breasts; and for many, that fact causes their self-esteem to plummet at the same rate as their boobs. 

Times of dramatic weight loss or weight gain can stretch or deflate your breasts: the most likely season for this is pregnancy and beyond, especially if you choose to breastfeed. From increasing in size due to nine months of hormones, to being engorged and swollen with milk, to slowly deflating more and more as you nurse, once your sweet baby (who of course, was all worth it) is weaned, you will find that your boobs have changed A LOT.

Even for single ladies, or women who have never had children, time and gravity do no favors, and you may find that no amount of push-up bras or wire support will adequately challenge the decent of those breasts.

Are Exercises the Remedy for Sagging Breasts?

So, to answer the question that we began to ponder earlier on, can women take a tip from those macho guys, and do specific workouts or exercises to firm up, or even increase the size of our boobs? The first thing to understand is that the breast is not made up of muscle, but of ligaments, glands, and fat.

The fact of the matter is, Breasts are composed not of muscle but these ligaments (and other things). Once those ligaments have been stretched, they will not really ever bounce back. They may shorten slightly, but it is highly unlikely for them ever to fully return to their former glory.

The pectoral muscles are actually beneath the breast itself, and that will be the area that you are targeting with your exercises. That is the area that will be “bulked up” and strengthened. Doing so will most likely give your breasts a little bit more lift, and perhaps even increase their size slightly, but probably will not have too much effect on the sagging or drooping.

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What Exercises Will Help My Breasts?

Some exercises that target the pectoral muscles that you could begin to incorporate are basic body weight exercises such as push-ups and chest flies. Weight presses, and increased weight during your chest flies will also help you to strengthen that area of your body. If interested in trying to change how your boobs look through pectoral exercises, there are many workouts specifically for that on Youtube or other similar platforms.

It Always Comes Back to Diet

Another helpful factor to consider is your diet. Weight gain can cause the ladies to dip even deeper, which is the opposite direction you are striving for. Even fluctuating weight can have the same affect, so focus on maintaining a steady weight. Don’t cancel out all those sweaty hours of hard work by eating mindlessly. Instead, find an eating lifestyle that is sustainable, achievable, and good for you…and stick to it!

You Might Need A Little Help

As previously stated, adding pec-focused workouts into your normal routine might help, but they probably will not produce the dramatic results you’re hoping for, or envisioning. You will probably find that the only way you can enhance your breasts and bring them back to their peak form will be to undergo a breast augmentation or breast lift. Or a combination of the two!

If you find yourself discouraged after trying every exercise, cream, stretch, or product on the planet, or if you don’t want to waste time or money on things that will not leave you with the final product you are hoping for, find a board-certified plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with today, and start asking questions about what you can do to restore your breasts (and your self-confidence) to what they once were.


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