Which Celebrities Are Removing Their Breast Implants?

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As clearly shown by the return of scrunchies and cropped sweatshirts and mom jeans, trends come and go (and sometimes totally flip-flop!) with time. The rich and famous are usually the trendsetters – they share on social media about their favorite new brand or diet or style, and the next thing you know, everybody’s doing the same thing. The same is true for beauty trends and even body types! Even just ten years ago, everyone was getting “boob jobs.” Breast enhancements were super popular among celebrities and us common folk alike – the bigger, the better. Well, wouldn’t you know – the trend cycle has come around again, natural beauty has its time in the sun, and guess what everyone was talking about in 2020? Getting breast implants removed!

Chrissy Teigen Removed her Breast Implants

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Chrissy Teigen, who has over 30 million Instagram followers, recently shared all the details about getting her breast implants removed; she talked about the reasons behind her decision, how the procedure went, her recovery, and her feelings about the whole process. Chrissy said she was getting her implants out (after years of them being part of her signature look!) for several reasons – she wanted to be more comfortable in her skin, find clothes that fit more easily, and limit the future surgeries she needed, mainly because of her busy life as a mom. She also noted that, with the advancements in cosmetic surgery, she would opt for a more straightforward procedure, like a breast lift, in the future.

Other Celebrities Who Have Had Their Breast Implants Removed

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Chrissy isn’t the only celebrity who publicly shared her choice to remove her breast implants in the last few years. Lots of other famous women made the same call – although some for different reasons! From Glee, Heather Morris decided to remove her implants because she felt they impeded her active lifestyle. Like many others, Victoria Beckham wanted to embrace her natural look, even going as far as to say she regretted getting breast augmentation in the first place. For lots of women, their implants’ size starts to not work for them over time; Heidi Montag had size F implants that she later had removed because they were just too big! Common reasons celebrities claimed for having their implants taken out were health concerns, implant issues (like leaks), a desire to change the style, or personal preference.

Although some people think that celebrities overshare or shouldn’t broadcast health information, the nice thing about having famous women share their experience is to help inform others’ decisions about the same thing! If you are a woman who has had breast augmentation in the past and are considering your options for the future, here are a few things to think about:

Breast Implants Aren't Made to Last Forever

If it’s been close to ten years since you had implants placed, they are likely nearing the end of their perky life. Implants usually last about 10-15 years, and it’s common for them to break down or leak at the end of their lifespan. So, if you’ve already had implants for a few years, it may be time to change it up, anyway! When faced with deciding whether to have new implants placed or opt for a different procedure or look, you should definitely weigh your options.

Referenced from Insider Magazine

Implant Removal is a Highly Personalized Procedure

There are LOTS of variables that go into each cosmetic procedure. Your age, health level, length of time you had implants, the success of the implants (whether they leaked or formed excess scar tissue), etc., will all play a role in how the removal procedure plays out. For that reason, of course, you should have a board-certified plastic surgeon discuss all the aspects of implant removal with you before moving forward with a procedure! The results can take up to a year to finalize, given the skin elasticity, the build-up of scar tissue, and the quality of breast tissue left behind. Some patients require additional surgeries in more complicated cases.

Ultimately, the Decision is Yours!

Although celebrities can undoubtedly help inform your decision, and it’s so helpful to hear about others’ experiences, only YOU can decide if implants are right for you or if having them removed is better for your health and lifestyle.

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