The New Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

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The Real Housewives have a new group of leading ladies, and they are already causing a stir! Add in an unusual twist, some of them are Mormons, and the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City could be my favorite group yet! But who are they, and have any of them opened up about cosmetic surgery. Read below to find out.

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Who Are The Salt Lake City Housewives?

Six ladies appear in the BravoTV newest franchise. Many are Mormon royalty who have decided to navigate a different path to the traditional Mormon fundamentals. All are beautiful, confidant, opinionated, and ready to party and gossip. They also own successful businesses and are mothers, wives, and friends. The show follows them as they work hard and party harder. And don’t worry, the booze still flows, and the arguments are just as loud!

Who has Been Open about Their Cosmetic Work?

Heather Gay owns a Med-Spa business, and many of the other ladies are regular clients. She has also been open about getting Botox. With so much make-up, it is difficult to see whether the wrinkles were improved naturally or with some cosmetic intervention. Lisa Barlow is one housewife who insists she is natural, but the rumors still abound due to image inconsistencies and expert views. Jen Shah recently spoke about how popular plastic surgery was in Salt Lake City, and although she didn’t tell about what work she may have had done, she hinted that it takes a lot of work and money to make her look good.

Whatever these ladies may or may not have had done, I am already enjoying watching life on the slopes and all the drama!

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