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Cosmetic Surgery Recovery: Why You Need Compression Garments

Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Compression Garments
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So, you’ve done it. You’ve gotten the cosmetic surgery, and you’re in recovery mode, waiting for your surgical side effects to wear off so you can show off your new and improved look. Whether you got liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or another body contouring procedure, we know a secret to support your recovery and maximize your results. Two words: compression garments.

We know, we know. They’re not always cute. But, they can play a key role in reducing swelling, supporting your new shape, and promoting overall healing. Remember when you were fourteen and finally got your braces off and were so excited about your new smile, but didn’t want to wear your retainer? And your orthodontist told you that if you wanted to keep your pretty results, you had to just literally grin and bear it? Think of your compression garments as your retainer! If you get through the awkward phase of wearing it, you’ll thank yourself in the years to come. Here’s the scoop on compression garments – what they are, how they will benefit you, and where to get them.

What is a Compression Garment?

Post-op compression garments are customized shape wear made of strong, synthetic, elastic material that have been specifically designed to aid in recovery after cosmetic surgery. The type of compression garment you need depends on the surgery you received, but there are a wide variety of garments available that can be sized to fit your new body shape, applying a constant pressure to the surgically improved areas.

The most common compression garments are legging-like bottoms that apply pressure to the lower half of the body and tops that look like fitted tank tops or high-impact sports bras, which are used after upper body procedures. You might not be a fashionista during the weeks after your procedure, but there are high-quality compression garment options available that will allow you to recover in comfort and (sort of) style!

Why Do I Need Compression Garments During Cosmetic Surgery Recovery?

From a medical standpoint, the purpose of post-procedure compression is to encourage the body to reabsorb the subcutaneous fluid that the body creates after surgery, causing swelling. In addition to applying pressure, the garments also provide protection for the wound from any environmental factors that might lead to infection as any incision sites are healing. It’s VERY important for your overall health that you follow the instructions of your provider during your recovery period.

From a beauty standpoint, compression garments are helpful because they prevent bruising and scarring. They support the repaired area, holding the skin tight and allowing it to heal in the correct shape while minimizing disruption of the incision site. By keeping fluid levels down, compression garments also decrease the amount of time it takes to recover from the post-op swelling. Most importantly, your results will look better overall and will last longer. Compression garments help your body adapt to the surgical changes in a way that allows you to enjoy your beautiful results for years to come!

Compression Garments during cosmetic surgery

How Long Should I Wear Compression Garments After Cosmetic Surgery?

In terms of recovery plan, the recommended time to wear a compression garment varies by patient and procedure. However, for most people, providers advise to wear your garment 24/7 for the first few weeks after surgery, only taking it off to bathe and to wash the garment. After 3-4 weeks, most patients can transition to wearing their garments intermittently – like only at night – for a few more weeks, since swelling should be reduced by that time. After that, it’s up to you! Some people are glad to be rid of them after the surgical results have taken effect and the incisions have healed, but others opt to keep wearing them for comfort or added contour.

Your surgeon will provide you with post surgery care instructions and recommend compression garments that are best suited to your over care. They reduce swelling and bruising and are essential recovery tools.

Where Can I Buy Compression Garments?

You will definitely want your compression garments to be well-fitted to your body and appropriate for the type of procedure you had done. They should be nice and tight but should not cause discomfort. Check out our Aesthetica shop for some awesome options catered toward your needs!

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