What You Will Learn

About Our Program

Over the duration of our internship program, you will learn many of the following skills provided through our partner digital marketing company Hit Your Mark Media:

  • Journalistic style of writing
  • Creative writing
  • How to write simple, yet convincing sales copy
  • Inbound marketing principles
  • Content marketing techniques
  • Basic SEO
  • Basic WordPress
  • Basic social media marketing
  • How to create an editorial calendar
  • The best beauty procedures & practices
  • Simple video creation/editing
  • Basic graphic design
  • How to run basic competitor analysis
  • How to do basic keyword/trend/topic research
  • How to form basic digital marketing strategies that work
  • Some technical hosting and website skills
  • Email marketing techniques
  • How to structure a sales flow with layers and ads
  • Stay abreast of celebrities and beauty trends
  • Learn from one of the best plastic surgeons in the country
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What You Will Earn

  • A certificate of completion
  • School credit may also be available depending on your school’s requirements
  • Connections and referrals within the beauty industry
  • Ability to apply digital marketing to your own next-step goals in life
  • Your own portfolio website & digital résumé
  • $12.50/hr paid every two weeks
  • $10/hr as Dollar Discounts for beauty procedures at Aesthetica in Lansdowne
  • Free knowledge/consultations from Dr. Chang & staff
  • Executive Membership Referral Program exclusive account for one year
Beautiful Woman Northern Virginia

What You Can Expect

  • About 20-30 hours/week of assigned writing work and 10 hours/week of learning
  • Your own flexible hours
  • General availability over Slack (professional chat tool) and regular access to email and phone/text
  • Working from home with your own equipment and internet
  • At least one visit to the Aesthetica office in Lansdowne
  • Submit your assigned work punctually or ahead of schedule
  • Willingness and even eagerness to learn new things
  • Your creative work will be fully owned by Aesthetica although joint or assigned authorship/credit may be assigned for portfolio purposes or as Aesthetica deems best




Our state-of-the-art medical facility provides a safe and convenient cosmetic oasis where world class technology and equipment is coupled with a caring, compassionate staff. You will be welcomed into a chic, inviting reception area and greeted by our friendly patient coordinator. Your treatment will be performed in one of our cutting edge suites, and then you will be escorted to our soothing, restorative recovery rooms. Concierge service and boutique amenities await at every stage of your journey.


Refer a friend and you will BOTH receive $50 in Dollar Discounts.