Why Do Men Need Testosterone?

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What is testosterone and why it is important to men’s health? In the most basic terms, it’s what makes a man manly! This hormone controls the development of a man’s sexual characteristics, including muscle development, sexual arousal, and the creation of sperm. Additionally, testosterone levels are linked to memory, weight control, and energy levels. So, when testosterone levels are low, all of these things are affected – which seriously impacts a man’s physical, sexual, and mental health!

The Life Cycle of Testosterone

High testosterone is associated with the classic idea of masculine youth. Men in their 20s have peak testosterone levels, meaning they are likely strong, energetic, and hungry (for more than just food). But, even by age 30, testosterone levels start to decline. Men may not notice the effects right away, especially if they maintain a healthy lifestyle, but likely by age 50, men will be all too aware of the negative side effects that lower testosterone levels are having on their bodies. They might gain weight more easily, have decreased libido, or experience health declines that are associated with these lowered hormone levels, like cardiovascular disease or cognitive memory loss.

Men above 50 also often report:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • fatigue
  • body/facial hair loss
  • depression
  • irritability, or trouble concentrating

In other words, they’ll feel like they’re getting old! But, they might not know the reason: it’s not just the wear and tear of time; low testosterone could be to blame!

Is It Easy to Replace Testosterone?

The answer might seem simple. If a hormone is low, replace it! Boost your levels, and your problem will be solved. But, it’s not so easy. Until recently, hormone therapies were often complicated or riddled with side effects. Oral hormone supplements were available but were shown to negatively impact the liver. You could opt for a skin or mouth patch, an injection, implant, or gel, but here’s the issue: the hormones used for these treatments were not identical to the hormones produced by the human body. They were similar, but not the same. So of course, the body couldn’t utilize them in the same way. These traditional hormone treatments might provide some relief from the consequences of low testosterone, but patients certainly didn’t feel twenty again.

What are Bioidentical Hormones?

The good news is that modern science is doing wonders for how these common ailments are treated! New treatments offered by MedHealth360 use bioidentical hormones – hormones that have been synthetically derived from plants to be chemically identical to the ones that humans create in their own bodies. Because they are chemically identical, it means they are also functionally identical, so they are more effective and carry a lower risk of side effects when used to supplement a person’s own failing hormones. Additionally, they are much less likely to cause the increased risk of cancer that was an unfortunate side effect of previous hormone therapies. These bioidentical hormones can be used to increase a man’s testosterone levels in a way that is safer, more natural, and more likely to provide the desired results.

Increase Your Testosterone Levels Today

All hormones act as communication signals between our brains and our bodies. So, when a hormone level is lower than it should be, you will certainly be able to tell the difference. If you are a man who is experiencing one or more eof the common symptoms listed above, contact us today for a consultation to find out if low testosterone could be the cause of your complaints. We can tell you more about this effective new treatment using bioidentical hormones to see if it’s right for you! There’s no reason to age before your time. Let us help you feel like a man again.

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