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Non-Surgical Innovations

CoolSculpting Fun Facts

Five Fun Facts about CoolSculpting

Most cosmetic surgeries are just that: surgery. They can be intense procedures involving anesthesia, long recovery periods, and more before

miraDry Treatment for Unwanted Sweat

The Miradry Treatment

Are you thinking about taking the plunge? MiraDry is a one-time, one-hour treatment that eliminates underarm sweat, underarm hair, and underarm

Minimize Scars

What is a BBL Treatment?

In this modern age, whether you find yourself being categorized as a “boomer” or a millennial, you probably are continually

Shirtless Man - Laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal For Men

It’s not only women who want smooth, hairless bodies. It’s also become popular among more men than just bodybuilders, cyclists


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