What Is SkinTyte?

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Life isn’t always kind to skin. Babies are born with a full arsenal of elastin and collagen, which keeps their skin healthy and resilient. That’s why you hear people talk about “baby smooth” skin! Unfortunately, as we age, these nutrient stores get used up, causing skin to wrinkle and sag. In addition to the effects of plain old time and gravity, lifestyle choices and environmental factors can speed up the aging process of skin. Collagen production decreases with time, and skin quickly loses the fullness and radiance of its youth. Basically, if you’re reading this and you’re NOT a genius reading baby, you can assume that time has taken its toll on your skin.

While there are certainly options to tighten skin surgically, some people prefer a less-invasive solution to rejuvenate their skin – a simple procedure with easy recovery time and proven results. Introducing SkinTyte! Read on to discover how this non-surgical skin tightening procedure works and whether it may be right for you. Youthful skin awaits!

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What Exactly is SkinTyte?

SkinTyte is a brand of infrared skin tightening technology. It uses laser energy to stimulate collagen production, which continues to gradually increase in the months following the procedure, ultimately resulting in healthier, firmer skin. The infrared energy is administered to the skin using a hand held laser. The procedure is usually speedy, only 30-90 minutes, and you can get right back to your busy schedule once it’s complete. Results aren’t immediate, since the production of collagen within the body takes time, but you will notice improved skin structure and tone within a few months of the procedure, as well as generally healthier skin in in the long term!

Is SkinTyte Right for Me?

The short answer is yes! SkinTyte technology works on all skin tones and types. It can be used all over the body, and while the chief complaint it addresses is sagging or wrinkling skin, it also improves redness and other skin irregularities.

You can even combine SKINTYTE with other treatments such as COOLSCULPTING!

Is SkinTyte the Best Solution for Me?

  • Do you have minor to moderately sagging or wrinkled skin on your face or body? 
  • Are you looking to enhance skin appearance and health slowly, rather than immediately? 
  • Are you in good overall health and at a relatively stable, healthy weight?

If you answered yes to these questions, SkinTyte might be just what you are looking for! Keep in mind that faster, more long-lasting results are more commonly achieved through surgical skin tightening procedures, like face or body lifts. But, if you’re looking for something quick and easy to give your skin a boost, this is it! 

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How Does SkinTyte Work?

Prior to the procedure, the skin will be sanitized, and gel will be applied to the treatment area. In most cases, no anesthesia is needed; the majority of patients find the process to be relatively painless, although anesthesia is available if requested. Once prepped, the provider will pass the laser hand piece over the treatment area several times, delivering the infrared energy to the skin in quick pulses. The laser might be moved in a circular motion or kept still in one spot, depending on the location. Most patients experience a warm sensation associated with the laser, but your provider will carefully monitor your temperature and utilize the cooling feature of the laser to ensure a comfortable experience.

What Happens After the Treatment?

After the procedure, you may experience mild redness, numbness, or inflammation, which usually clears up within a few days without any intervention. The only follow up treatment is to continue with your daily skincare routine, making sure to use moisturizer and protect your skin from the sun (as always!). You won’t notice results right away, but within a few months, your collagen production will be increased, leaving your skin looking fuller, healthier, and tighter. Even babies will envy you!

Youthful skin awaits!

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