Botox: 3 Things to Avoid After Your Botox Treatment

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Botox Treatment
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Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic injectables available.  Botox helps you look more youthful by reducing the action of some muscles in the face and forehead that cause wrinkles.  These include the horizontal forehead muscles, the “angry” 11s between the brows, and the crow’s feet lines. 

Botox is injected as a liquid directly into the facial muscle that causes the unwanted wrinkles.  The liquid carries the botox molecules which in turn attach to receptors on the muscle.  Prior to properly attaching to the receptor, the liquid can theoretically move and affect other muscles.

The injections take minutes, and you may return to your normal life immediately after your treatment except for the following instructions:

1) Avoid rubbing the injection site

Botox injections are precisely injected into the specific muscles of the face that cause the wrinkles that show your age. Although rare if the botox is placed properly, rubbing the injection site can theoretically move and spread the botox molecules beyond the injection site.

2) Avoid exercise until the next day

Exercise can also potentially increase the spread of the botox molecules beyond the injection site. The concept is that the increased motion with exercise can increase the spread of the botox. I have never seen this, but it is part of the traditional caution statements.

3) Avoid laying down for 3 hours

Laying down can also potentially increase the spread of the botox molecules beyond the injection site.  The concern is that you may unconsciously roll over and press you face on your injection site in your sleep.

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